What Camera do you have?

I shoot with a Canon D Mark III with several different L class lenses. My favorite lens is the Mark II 70-200 Lens and my 85mm. I’m really not a tech person. There are so many cool functions the camera provides, but I have not mastered them.

What is the total investment with Candid Diaries?

In most cases my clients spent $650 – $1200. Candid Diaries provides several different packages to meet your needs. A Candid experience is not your typical photo sessions. I’m pretty silly and I love to talk. If there are children involved I spend most of my time entertaining them while snapping pictures at the same time. Our goal if for you to walk away with a smile and feel like Americas Next Top Model in the process!

How do you select locations?

When we have our consultation two weeks before the photo shoot I will ask you a series of questions to determine where to take your pictures. I pretty much like to go with the flow. I have clients with creative spirits so when we come together you might find yourself at an Equestrian Ranch or a quiet diner for our photo session!

What should I wear?

I love clothes that go along with your personality. White shirts and blue jeans can sometimes be a little uniformed. I encourage my clients to dress outside of their norm and let their hair down. During our consultation we will discuss outfits for the session and color themes. One of my favorite shoots was a family that chose to wear formal attire to an industrial location. It just made since!

What should I expect the day of the shoot?

Expect a lot of laughter, jokes, music and conversation. We like to provide a laid back atmosphere which, in turn, gives Candid Images. True images of light and love.

What is the turn around on pictures?

2-4 weeks. It normally takes 2 weeks before your images are on the viewing gallery. From there we like to stay in a four-week range for design work.

What if there’s bad weather/ what is the cancellation policy?

Unless there is torrential down pour we will normally shoot. Houston’s weather can be so deceiving at times I like to get closer to the date before we schedule a make up. If there is an emergency or your shoot needs to be rescheduled we will accommodate in most cases. During our busiest months (September – December) the cancellation policy has a few stipulations. The information is located in your welcome packet.

Do you do events?

Events of 25 people or less we will accommodate. If there is a larger party involved we normally contract out with a spectacular event photographer.

Do you offer birth photography?

Yes!!! Please inquire with the photographer for more information!

Are you a wedding photographer as well?

We are excited to announce Candid Diaries will now shoot Destination weddings!! Please inquire with the photographer for more information