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People inherit many things from their parents; hands, smiles, noses, body frames. In my case it was the eyes. Not my physical eyes necessarily, but eyes that are drawn to the lens of a camera…a place where those in my ancestry took refuge, found hope and captured beauty.

My grandfather, “Papa,” as we lovingly called him, had six children. He chose to trace the steps of their lives through photography. He was a patient man, who never grew tired of waiting for the perfect shot. Not the perfect smile or the perfect lighting, but the perfect moment; the candid slice of time that made real life in real-time stand still. He captured moments that were true symbols of life back when, that may always be relived by simply picking up a photograph. I am thankful to have inherited Papa’s patient eye. He is the candid in Candid Diaries.

My mother is a creative genius; and not just in my eyes, but as evident in her work. She has an impeccable eye for detail. When I was younger, I would see a woman in a dress but she would see the buttons on that dress; the third button to be exact, with all its wear and slightly broken. She saw a button that spoke to the life of a loving mother, whose life was filled with chores that stood in line before her. She saw a story in everything, taking for granted nothing; while she purposefully and graciously compiled image after image to make up the “diary of life.” To her, there were no ordinary moments, only stories waiting to come to life. I am thankful to have inherited Mom’s
impeccable eye that focuses in on the stories that exist inside of moments. She is the Diary in Candid Diaries.

There were countless others in my family who lived life with cameras in-hand. I am the culmination of all of their giftedness, with my own unique ability to make even the seemingly worst of flaws grow wings like butterflies. I love the crooked teeth of a child, the dark freckles amidst a pale complexion, the myriad of things people try to hide. Where they see flaw, I see beauty. So, I patiently wait like Papa, until realness emerges in its raw form; then I, like Mom, let it tell its story through the lens of my camera. Photography is my ministry. It is where I make all things beautiful. It is where I take refuge, give hope and find beauty. I am the eye behind Candid Diaries. Pictures tell stories, now let me tell yours.